Gadgets4Geeks – January 2014

December 18th, 2013, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Connecting your laptop to a large screen is now easier

The rise of “TV on demand” has freed us from having to watch the latest and greatest TV shows at a particular time, with services like PVR and “catch-up TV”.  But, without an expensive Smart TV, these handy online services are only available through our laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices, meaning we are restricted to watching the biggest shows on a smaller screen. No longer! Connect your laptop with an HDMI or VGA cable and combine it with the Logitech wireless touch keyboard K400, and you can easily operate your laptop and TV all at once on the big screen. The built-in mouse pad lets you browse online services while surfing the internet and using other functions on your laptop simultaneously.


Loud and clear

One 5 cm speaker in each satellite delivering a combined
6 W is just what you need to enjoy great sound from your laptop or smartphone.  These elegant  Logitech Z150 speakers are supplied with a  mains power supply. Just plug into the mains and any audio device.  The volume control and on-off switch are combined and situated on the front panel. For personal listening there is a convenient socket on the front panel. After reviewing them, I found it difficult to return them.  Great sound!




Enhanced features for smartpen

If you thought the original smartpen was amazing, you’ll be blown away when you experience the amount of technology packed inside the Livescribe 3. The infrared camera in the tip of the pen captures your handwriting, storing it on the built-in memory. When it’s paired to your tablet or smartphone, all your notes are synced to the Livescribe+ mobile app. The pen uses Bluetooth technology to pair with compatible mobile devices to support over 14 hours of continuous use between charges. Pairing is also made much easier – just turn on the Livescribe 3 and accept the pairing request on your mobile device with a single tap. After that, your smartpen will pair automatically each time you launch the app.



Tom Tom watches take your sports performance to a new  level

The new range of GPS watches from Tom Tom delivers at-a-glance performance information for runners, cyclists and swimmers. The watches are ultra slim (11,5 mm) and feature  extra-large, high-resolution, high-contrast display which is clear, crisp and non-pixelated – making  it easier to read while you are working out even in bright sunlight or at night when backlit. The full-screen graphical training partner helps you train more effectively by providing you with three full-screen graphical training modes to “race”, “challenge” or “pace” yourself. The built-in GPS technology delivers a fast GPS fix.