Best Trails to Check Out in Arlington

Best Trails to Check Out in Arlington

So, you’re headed to Arlington for a fresh start and want to know if there are enough walking trails there for you to get your exercise.

Arlington, formally known as Arlington County, one of the most populous regions of Virginia. It’s located in the northern part of the state and is known widely for its association with the gears of the U.S. government (famously, the Arlington National Cemetery and other things).

But if none of that appeals to you, and all you want to know as you browse Arlington real estate is whether you’ll be able to walk around somewhere in peace and quiet, you’re in look.

Here are three of the best trails to check out in Arlington, Virginia.

Potomac Heritage Trail

One famous walking trail located quite near Arlington is the Potomac Heritage Trail. It’s a 7.8-mile loop that takes you from the Virginia side of the Potomac River over to Washington, D.C. There, as you walk, jog, or bike, you’ll pass such sights as the Watergate complex and Kennedy Center. From woods and waterside views to panoramas of the nation’s capital, you’ll love taking the Potomac Heritage Trail.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

In the middle of the Potomac River lies the 90-acre Theodore Roosevelt Island, which in itself holds more than enough walking trails for anyone’s needs. You get on the island from a footpath that originates in Arlington, and once there, you can take a fairly easy main trail loop back to the start, or you can venture off on your own onto the smaller trails.

Those trails tend to be a bit more natural, meaning they’re rougher to tread. Step over tree roots, pass by scenic marshlands, and stop and try to catch sight of some local wildlife.

Bluemont Junction Trail

Finally, you can head to Arlington’s Bluemont Park to park your car and start on the Bluemont Junction Trail. It’s a path of just over a mile that was made to run alongside the old route of the Washington & Old Dominion Railway.

The Bluemont Junction Trail takes you through some quiet and scenic green areas and is a nice escape if you’re looking for just a quick walk. You can always turn around and head back to Bluemont Park to check out some train history and even see an old, decommissioned caboose.

You can explore these and plenty of other trails down in Arlington, so go check them out when you get a chance!


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