Improve Your Customer’s Retail Experience With These Tips

Improve Your Customer's Retail Experience With These Tips

As a business owner, competition is a part of your establishment’s life. If you offer a product, you compete with other businesses that do and sell the same product or service as you. The competition is even bigger in the retail industry as businesses and brands compete for the loyalty and attention of customers. When it comes to loyalty, a lot of customers are happy with making regular changes to their retail product/service provider until they come across one that appeals to them. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of customer experience in retail and how you can win your customers with the right tips and tricks.

Products Tell. Benefits Sell

You may be selling a popular product and are wondering how you can stand out from your competitors. While decreasing the price of your product may help your business in some way, service also matters. When you inform your customers of the benefits of your products as opposed to focusing on the product or making it cheaper than your competitors, you stand a better chance of making a sale. Customers respond better to a retailer that shows that they care about educating them about the products they want to buy. If your customers feel like you care about them understanding your products, you stand a better chance at having more of them.

Happy Staff = Happy Customers

This should be one of your top priorities. Before reaching your customers, it is important that your employees are happy, satisfied and well aware of the impact their work has on your business. You may be running a small start-up and have five or fewer employees. It is easy to have one-on-one assessments and chats on service and performance, review what can be done to maintain good customer service as well as discuss ways to work better together. Engaging your employees helps you maintain communication and be able to work together as a team. However, if you own a big company, you may struggle to reach everyone every time, so a solution would be to engage them in a broader approach. For instance, you could invest in digital assets such as videos and infographics to speak to your employees and open up support chats for them to air any inconveniences and grievances. Whatever your business, you can achieve good employees and customer service.

Offer Your Customers A Unique Experience

One of the best retail customer experience trends is to offer them an experience. Customers generally like convenience, so if you add different ranges of products for them to choose from, add a service layer to product sales such as free assembly, or even an added extra of a product, your customers are likely to return regularly to source more deals. Another unique experience can be to make your retail store kid-friendly. If you have a little chalkboard and chair, a play or sit area and even a staff member minding that area to ensure the children’s safety, customers will be able to shop with ease, and that’ll keep them coming back.

Find Ways To Save Your Customers Time

Assess and research your customers and how far they reside from you. If you are able to offer same-day delivery through online or phone ordering, add a benefit such as if a customer orders before midday, then they will receive their items the same day. Or if they order for a certain amount, they will get free delivery. Little essential benefits such as these get you in your target audience and customers’ good books.

Create An Engaging Environment

Say your business is fully online. You may rely on images to sell your products, and achieving that can be easy. You can showcase your products in a more advanced way, such as in a 3D image or a video from different angles showing the product being used. You can also add links to videos of other customers using your products. This is going to earn you trust with your new customers.

Reward Your Customers and Employees

As we mentioned, inspiring and caring for your employees and customers is important. You can achieve this by offering rewards for each. For your employees, you can create incentive programs that will reward staff members who comply with and follow the customer service protocols you have set out for the business. This will give staff morale and allow some healthy competition to take place. You may also consider giving out annual prizes at things like team-building or end of year functions.

For customers, you can set up rewards programs that will give them points for certain purchases and promotions. A points system in a retail card is becoming one of South Africa’s favourite creative retail sales ideas, and it is worth it. Interest your customers in promotions and rewards and watch the foot traffic roll in.

In Conclusion

With the world operating largely online, you might be needing to start a retail business or give your current one an upgrade. Think about what you want to do for your customers to make their retail experience a memorable one. Retail finance in South Africa is available for you to take advantage of and give your business the boost it needs while you focus on making your customers happy. Consider retail capital funding and let them worry about the products while you focus on your great service.


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