Is Technology a Boon or Bane for Our Kids?

Is Technology a Boon or Bane for Our Kids?

People often say that the human race lacks wisdom and technology. But how true is that? Is technology not available or has it been invented by the human race? While it is true that technology moves at great speed, one cannot ignore the fact that we take advantage of them to improve our knowledge of things and not just be deceived by worldly technology. One might be tempted to disagree with this. This article brings you details of how technology has been a great help to us, especially children to improve themselves from the inside out and be smart.

Getting children to do something is tedious, especially when it comes to their education. Getting a child to do his or her teaching job as a school project or assignment can be challenging as resources are limited. But modern technology has opened up many avenues for them. Previously, they should have gone to look for their textbooks and solutions, but now students can easily find the right study materials online. Vedantu is one of the companies that aim to change the face of education by directing students and disseminating information online. Providing students with free learning materials such as NCERT online solutions, which really benefits them and forces them to learn more. The vast amount of information available to students makes them competent.

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A Fun Way to Learn

The hard truth is that teaching is boring for children. No matter how hard one tries to bring students to understand that education is important, they will not understand it as children. That is why it is so hard to convince them to do something that they are not happy about. But what if they find a wonderful way to learn? Children are always fascinated by fun. After all, that is the nature of man. They want to do something fun all the time. Technology helps students to learn things in a fun and engaging way, which surprises them so much that they want to be involved in learning activities. Often children use a lot of technology to discover new things and keep them updated. This has helped the students to devote themselves to learning new things on a regular basis, especially in subjects that they are not interested in.

Filling the gap

When a child is not interested in any topic, his or her performance in relation to the same will be worse than other children. This creates an information gap between students that will eventually affect their academics. The differences between the children will also affect them psychologically. However, today, as technology has introduced many ways to learn things differently (visually, questions, games, etc.), children find it fun to engage in those activities when they end up learning a topic or things they didn’t care about. effective to learn things.

Improves Capture Strength

It is scientifically proven that visual reading helps you to understand things faster. Images or video or a game, whatever technology is used in presenting information, requires a child’s imagination that keeps the details long-lasting in the memory as it implants the chemical process in the mind of the student or child. The long-term memory created by this learning process often does not fade easily. In addition, it also extends “human-bandwidth” which contains new data analysis, insights, and suction.

Communication Skills

Have you ever noticed how some kids work well in their communication and others take a lot of time to come up with a sentence? Yes, children often learn things from what they do and technology is all about getting involved. When they get involved in learning and in the community, children listen enough to develop themselves. Today’s communication is fast and this will help the child to speed up, which is a must for everyone.

Critical thinking

Four effective ways that fall under detailed thinking are imitating, demonstrating, tempting, and problem-solving. When children are involved in comparisons and mapping of other ideas, they form their own similarities. Technology supports oral and visual discourses as mentioned earlier. This opens the way for thoughtful thinking and testing of the child’s mind, which is in the developmental stage. In addition, the three approaches ultimately lead to problem-solving skills that include student attention and learning over time.

So, is technology a blessing for our generation?

As one can see from all the facts discussed above, technology has undoubtedly been a great blessing for our generation. The best thing can happen to a person who is mentally ill and that is why we see people suspecting technology. It all depends on how one uses it. The debate we see in society about technology is because of the way it has been used. We often hear people say that technology uses people, instead of people using technology. To some extent, this is true in some cases. When it comes to further education, there is a perception that students are lazy because they get all the information in one click and that makes them lazy. But there are other ways to see it, as the whole truth has two sides. The idea of ​​just clicking on any information and solution should also make human life much easier. One can become lazy in finding solutions, only if they ignore them, which is their absolute decision. When one looks at the competition and the result is constantly rising around the world and that most students prefer to pursue higher education, it is clear that students are going smart. Technology allows people to engage and people are no doubt smarter when they are e


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