Must-See Historical Sites in Virginia

Must-See Historical Sites in Virginia

The state of Virginia is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich states in the U.S. With breathtaking scenery and an unforgettable historical background, asVirginia was one of the thirteen colonies on the Atlantic Coast of North America, this state is a must-visit for history buffs everywhere. Whether you’re considering purchasing your very own piece of Arlington real estate or are simply passing through, here are a few of the top must-see historical sites Virginia has to offer.

Arlington National Cemetery 

You have probably visited, or at least heard of, Arlington National Cemetery. The military cemetery is located in Arlington County, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. Situated on 639 acres of land, Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place of approximately 400,000 U.S. veterans and their eligible dependents, including veterans from major battles like the Revolutionary War. Arlington National Cemetery is a must-visit the next time you’re in Virginia for anyone who wants to feel a little closer to those who served our country.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is another historical site you need to see if you’re in Virginia. This was the home of George Washington, our first U.S. President, and his wife Martha, who resided at the property for 45 years. With over 11,000 square feet and 21 rooms, Mount Vernon is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking historical properties in the United States. Tours of Mount Vernon are held daily for the public, so be sure to drop in the next time you’re looking for something to do in the area.

Manassas National Battlefield

Are you a Civil War buff? If so, the Manassas National Battlefield is a must-visit in Virginia. Located in Prince William County, the landmark was the site of two of the most important battles in the Civil War  the first and second battles of Manassas, also known as the first and second battles of Bull Run. Today, the battlefield serves as a historic landmark where locals and tourists alike often visit to hike the grounds or embark on a guided tour of the area. If you choose to hike the Manassas National Battlefield, be sure to dress accordingly and pack a snack and a bottle of water, as the trail loop is 5.2 miles long and can take a while to complete. Definitely check out Manassas National Battlefield on your next trip to Virginia.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is another great attraction in Virginia, especially for writers and lovers of poetry. The museum, located in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond, is home to the world’s largest collection of Edgar Allan Poe memorabilia and artifacts. Visitors can access thousands of first editions, manuscripts, letters, images, and more, perfect for anyone interested in Poe’s work. Even if you’re not familiar with his writings, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum makes for a fascinating way to spend an afternoon in Virginia, and a definite must-see the next time you’re in Virginia.


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