Should You Consider a Career in Social Media Marketing?

Should You Consider a Career in Social Media Marketing?

Since the first real social media platform launched in 1997, the days of standing on street corners and handing out flyers or pinning up posters at the local grocery store are dead and gone. The reach of every business is further than ever before, and communicating online has since become an all-important tool in the myriad of marketing tactics. 

In 2021, almost every company has someone who is responsible for social media or community management. So, if you’re a Facebook Fanatic, a tweet-a-minute Twitter user or proficient in Pinterest, you may want to consider a career in Social Media Marketing. 

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Using social media platforms to build brands, connect with consumers, bolster sales and drive website traffic is the crux of social media marketing. Creating quality content, listening to and engaging with followers, analysing results/data, and running social media advertisements or campaigns is a primary part of the job taken on by Social Media Managers. 

What is a Social Media Manager?

Social Media or Community Managers have the all-important task of developing or managing editorial content on social media platforms on a day-to-day basis. This means understanding the brand identity and strategy and, in doing so, positioning the brand through tweets, posts or online discussions across a variety of social media sites. Social Media Managers are also responsible for passively monitoring related conversations across social media platforms and directly interacting with consumers on these sites where necessary. 

What Makes a Great Community Manager? 

Strong communication is key! This skill is an asset and affords every Social Media Manager the ability to adjust to fit any platform, media, character count or audience. 

Copywriting skills are essential. A stack of skills help brands convey a message on social media, but the most important tool is always the written word. The best social media managers are efficient, enthusiastic digital conversationalists who embody and enhance their brand’s tone of voice.

Time management, efficiency and organisation are a must! You’ll likely have more than one client, each with their own social media strategy in need of execution — an impossible task without managing your time wisely.

Customer care is a social media skill often underrated. Research indicates that 33% of customers prefer to reach out through social media with a query or concern. As such, the ability to listen to and understand consumers’ concerns and needs is essential. This goes hand in hand with proactivity; top Social Media Managers can recognise potential future concerns or queries and proactively formulate a solution nipping it in the bud. 

Let’s Talk Benefits!

You’re Paid to Scroll Through Your Favourite Social Sites! 

The average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media, and while most employees are trying to come up with creative ways to avoid being caught dipping into their screen time during office hours, the vast majority of your eight-hour working day is spent online. 

Social Media Managers are paid to scour their favourite social platforms, keeping an eye on popular influencers and brands to stay on top of what content is trending, how consumers engage with it and how the brands you represent could join the discussion. 

You Get the Chance to Hone More Than One Skill.

 A Social Media Manager is an expert multi-tasker fulfilling the roles of marketer, strategist, copywriter, designer, analyst and customer service — often all at once. As a Community Manager, you have the opportunity to produce creative work that achieves far more than just selling products or services, but rather an end result that humanises brands, making them exciting, enticing, relatable, and accessible.

Your Work Could Be Meaningful and Impactful.

Whether it’s positive feedback via direct message, a featured review on a popular marketing blog, a Loerie or a celebrity interaction — your work has the potential to go viral, make a meaningful impact, add value and be award-worthy. 

There’s a Real-time Feedback Bonus!

Forget a once a month review; you’ll be able to get real-time feedback allowing your work to improve and meet the brand’s needs and its consumers’ more holistically. Social Media Managers have the added perk of seeing engagement with content and insights through analytics tools, like Google Analytics, as and when it happens.

In conclusion, Is a Career in Social Media Right for You?

Being paid to scour Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and more may sound like the perfect job, but it’s not without its challenges. If a varied, fast-thinking, creative industry is what you’re looking for, give yourself and your clients every advantage by enrolling in a social media marketing course.


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