Step-by-Step Guide to Rent a Storage Unit

Step-by-Step Guide to Rent a Storage Unit

Thousands of people every year grieve over the loss of precious household items such as antique furniture, expensive clothing, and similar items. They wonder if they could’ve moved the unwanted yet precious items to safer storage space. To avoid damages and losses like that, you should consider moving out your valuable items out of the dirty basement and moving them to a high-standard self-storage facility in Durbanville.

In this guide, I will inform you about the main steps you will have to follow if you wish to store your valuable belongings safely in a storage facility.

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Renting an Individual Storage Unit: Steps to Follow

Renting an individual storage unit in South Africa shouldn’t be that difficult. If you’re willing to pay for the costs and take some time off your watch to ensure a seamless operation, the chosen storage facility must be efficient. So, here’s how you can quickly rent  out a storage unit and move your belongings without any hassle.

Select a Unit Size

You can view the official website of your chosen online storage facility on the web. This will help you learn about the different storage unit sizes that it’s offering. Make sure you measure the size and total volume of all the belongings that you wish to move.

After doing that, you must choose an individual storage unit size that fitsthat’s fit your requirements. This isIt’s to make sure that you don’t overspend by renting a larger unitbigger than necessary or under-spend by choosing a smaller than needed storage unit.

Get a Free Price Quote

Some of the best South African self-storage facilities offer free price quotes so you can make better decisions. Once you organize a list of your requirements and choose a storage unit size, get a price quote accordingly to make sure you can bear the costs or adjust your plans accordingly.

Inquire and Move the Items

After adjusting the storage unit size as per your budget and getting a price quote, inquire about the moving, transportation, and insurance services. If available, let the chosen company move your belongings to the storage unit safely.

Don’t forget that you must visit the actual storage facility to check out the individual storage units. Check for security features, alarms, and other aspects before finally moving the items in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Can you get a free price quote/estimate?

You can simply visit the official website of the storage facility or call customer support to get a quick cost estimate for renting a storage unit.

Is storage unit insurance necessary in all cases?

If you’re storing valuable possessions in a storage unit, you should consider opting for insurance as it would offer compensation in case of any damage, loss,


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